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Tuesday, Apr. 18th, 12 PM EDT
Weds., Apr. 19th, 12 PM EDT
Thursday, Apr. 20th, 12 PM EDT
Friday, Apr. 21st, 12 PM EST:
Putting Your Design To Work For You
Sat., Apr. 22nd, 12 PM EST:
What Is Career Success For You?
Sun., Apr. 23rd 12 PM EST:
Bring Your Greatest Work Q&A
Monday, Apr. 24th, 12 PM EST:
Creating Your Dream Team
Tuesday, Apr. 25th, 12 PM EST:
Your Next Steps... REVEALED!
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You did it! In these uncertain times, you’ve chosen to do the most important you could ever do and that is become the walking, living embodiment of your purpose!

What you are about to discover is the ONLY thing that can keep you safe, secure and prosperous while the world undergoes a cycle shift.

When you ARE your purpose, your life begins to flow. Here we go!

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Tuesday, April 18th, 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific)
Wednesday, April 19th, 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific)
Thursday, April 20th, 12 PM Eastern (9 AM Pacific)
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